Can Your Hair Color Cause You Cancer?

There’s a brand new report in the journal Carcinogenesis investigating the links between increased breast cancer risk and use of hair dyes, relaxers, straighteners, and conditioning creams containing cholesterol or placenta.

“For black women, the use of dark shades of hair dye was linked to a 51% higher risk of breast cancer, and a 72% higher risk of estrogen positive breast cancer.  For white women, the use of relaxers or straighteners alone was linked to a 74% increased risk of breast cancer. If these products were used together with hair dyes, the women’s risk of breast cancer increased 240%, nearly two and a half times!  White women also had a 54% higher risk of estrogen positive breast cancer with use of dark hair dyes and 256% higher risk of estrogen negative breast cancer with use of relaxers.

Some of the most concerning, potentially toxic and carcinogenic chemicals found in commercial hair dyes are PPD (para-Phenylenediamine), resorcinol, ammonia, persulfates, lead acetate, and 4-ABP.”(1)

It is a know fact that our skin is the largest organ in our body and whatever we put on it goes directly into the blood stream.  Sad reality is that our cultural stigma of looking our best is causing us illness.  We are trading in gray hair for cancer.

Don’t worry you don’t have to give it all up but you have to realize that there are better choices.  There are brands and salons that use choices without those chemicals or less chemicals so you can get the best of both worlds.   A few examples are

– Madison Reed (for at-home use)
– Henna Color Lab (for at-home use)
– Nautilique Zero (sold through professional salons)
– O&M Original & Mineral (sold through professional salons)

We live in a toxic world and being perfect is impossible.  Take this information and make a change.  If you were wanting to stop coloring your hair use this as the reason WHY.  We are in control of our health and if we don’t step up and constantly make changes we will lose it.