The Foundation of Your House Shows How Healthy Your Body Is

You heard me right your house and your health is closely related.  No I am not going crazy I am making science easy.  Here goes:

You don’t have to be a contractor to know that in order to build a solid and safe house the foundation is key.  The STRUCTURE of the house is found in the foundation.   There is no need to continue building the house if the foundation is weak.  You can not make up for it with building thicker walls or using metal or using fancier fixtures or cabinets.  Its simple GOOD FOUNDATION GOOD HOUSE.

The body works the same way.  GOOD STRUCTURE GOOD HEALTH.  If we all go back to 7th grade science we learn that our body is controlled by our brain.  Its the one organ in our entire body that controls all the rest.  It makes our heart beat, our lungs breath and you to even read this and comprehend it.  It uses the spinal cord and all the nerves to send and receive messages to keep us alive.  With such an important job, it needs protection otherwise one small slip or fall would kill us.  This is where STRUCTURE come in.  Our SPINAL BONES are the FOUNDATION of our “health house”.  They have to be perfectly aligned for us to have GOOD HEALTH.  If these bones move or shift and damage the nerves, spinal cord or the brain we are in trouble!!  Messages of healing get disrupted or distorted and the FUNCTION  of our body decreases and dis-ease process starts.  Left uncorrected our HEALTH gets destroyed.

Its simple, STRUCTURE of your spine will determine how your nervous system is FUNCTIONING which will determine how HEALTHY you are.

What’s not simple is that TOO many people around you haven’t been taught this.  They were taught that the only time you take care of your spine is when it hurts.  To only go get an adjustment when your in pain.  What a shame!! This week alone I heard patients tell me their blood pressure went down, they forgot to take their sleeping pill and slept through the night, babies pooping without distress, kids not getting sick and runners able to run again.

The only way to know what your STRUCTURE of you and your families’ spine looks like is an xray.  DON’T wait.  Just like the house, if the foundation is bad its only time before it all falls over.  DO  NOT let your health slip away from you. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!!