How Miseducating Yourself Will KILL You

While in Yoga class last week I walked into a conversation between a younger gentleman and an older one.  The younger was talking about his back pain and how its not getting better.  The older told him that his chiropractor works wonders on his back and he should go to one.  The younger said “I did once and it helped before but you know what they say about chiropractors….they are just there to get you to go there forever even if you don’t need to”.

With those words my blood began to boil.  Luckily my teacher started class and I had to be Zen and not hot headed.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about this the entire class.  Is that what people really thought of ME and MY profession?  Do people really think I went to school for 8 years, spent thousands of dollars, opened up a practice that in the last 10 years had made me miss family events, lost friends, spent more time at work then I did at home, spending sleepless nights worrying if I was good enough, wear myself thin, and all just to force someone to come to me forever.  Did HE really think so poorly of the chiropractic profession but and ME.  Now, mind you, he had no clue who I was and what I did so to me this was more of a God moment than a human confrontation.

After my sweat session and meditating on this I realized one thing.  This young guy was not attacking chiropractic or ME, he was miseducated.  Unfortunately his chiropractor he went to never taught him the PRINCIPLE.  He was never taught how powerful his body was and how important his NERVOUS SYSTEM was.   My anger instantly turned into sadness, here is another person who is going to suffer because no one taught him.

You see because if someone talked to him about this amazing power that sits in our body,  The same power that God used to create mountains, sunsets and ocean tides is IN US!!! It fuels us, it keeps us alive and it creates everything in us.  NONE of us would be alive without this power.  This power is the best gift anyone of us could have ever gotten and without this POWER you would DIE.  The problem is that this power is in us, but for most of us it is dimmed or covered up.  Just like clouds cover up the sun that is always shinning, our power can get covered up.  An adjustment is simply designed to remove the interference and allow that POWER to be turned back on.  To allow the innate intelligence inside of us to work at full capacity.

I was unable to get to him after class before he left but if I did this is what I would have said to him “I am a chiropractor and I just want you to know that it IS my goal to have my patients come to me forever.   NOT because of what you think but because I care about them.  I care about their families and I CARE about their well being.  I KNOW that if for the rest of their lives they take care of the innate POWER that is INSIDE of them they will be HEALTHIER, HAPPIER and the BEST version of themselves.  I am sorry the chiropractor you went to never taught you about the power you have inside of you and to trust it but know one thing….I am NOT here on this planet to have people like me or to water down the truth,  God put me here to FIGHT for people who don’t even know they need fighting for.  I am here to make sure that people get the best care possible FOREVER!!  Chiropractic is SO MUCH more than back pain.  Its about connecting the POWER back to the people.  And if that is what you want I AM HERE TO HELP YOU FOREVER!”