Having A Bad Day? Turn It Around By Doing These Things!

The verdict is out…stress is not good for you!  Sad reality is that we have stress every day. We are a society that has a very hard time getting away from it.  Scientifically your brain doesn’t know the difference between the stress of a lion chasing you for his dinner and the stress of a major report due at school or a work presentation.  All the brain knows it how to go into a mode that protects you.

Now if there is really a lion chasing you this is a great thing BUT day in and day out this state of living over time is detrimental to your health.  In an article based on Dr. Sharon Horesh TED-ED talk about stress there are some simple steps you can do to de-stress.   I challenge all of you to do these small steps daily to keep you health at a high level.

  1. BREATHE!!!!  Most of us take short breaths all day long.  The best way to deep breath is to take a breath in while your belly goes out.  Do this breath to the count of 5.  Hold for 2 then breathe out for 8.  Repeat 5-10 times
  2. SQUEEZE AND RELAX.  Our muscles during stress tenses up. So start from the top or bottom of your body and tense up a muscle for 5 seconds and then relax.
  3. MUSIC.  The slower and more rhythmic the music the better.  Classical music has stood the test of time for the best music for relaxation.
  4. EXERCISE  One of the fastest way to get the energy of stress out is movement.  Whether is walking or running or dancing.  Physical release will help with metal release
  5. READING.  Let your mind get lost in a book.  Take a step back from reality and allow your brain to calm down
  6. EMBRACE STRESS  People who look at stress as a way to improve their lives their body reacts better.  Embrace it and use it for good.