Do This Daily to Reduce Cancer

If I told you the risk of getting cancer can be reduced by up to 42 percent through a minimum amount of exercise a couple times per day, would you start exercising today? Unfortunately about 50 percent of Americans fail to get the recommended amount of physical activity. The step in the right direction comes from learning the proper mechanics of how to exercise and a simple clear path stemming from a person goals. A positive change in a person’s optimal well-being begins with a choice to be active.
There are 13 types of cancers that can be prevented through exercise. Exercise lowers the risk of each these 13 cancers:
• 42% lower risk of esophageal cancer
• 26% lower risk of lung cancer
• 21% lower risk of endometrial cancer
• 22% lower risk of stomach cancer
• 23% lower risk of kidney cancer
• 27% lower risk of liver cancer
• 20% lower risk of myeloid leukemia
• 16% lower risk of colon cancer
• 13% lower risk of rectal cancer
• 13% lower risk of bladder cancer
• 15% lower risk of head and neck cancer
• 17% lower risk of myeloma
Exercising can lower these risks of cancer through a variety of ways, including:
• Improved immune function
• Improved digestive function
• Efficient waste removal
• Improved insulin regulation
• Lower inflammation
These benefits come from the choice to start exercising and improving overall well-being. Do not wait until you get an illness to start. If you are new to exercise, do not worry! There are many ways to get yourself moving.
Here are 7 simple ways to get moving:
1. Walking
2. Dancing
3. Taking the stairs
4. Gardening
5. Swimming
6. Standing desk
7. Golfing with no cart
I recommend getting 4 to 5 days of moderate to vigorous activity for 30-45 minutes per day. Start using the 7 simple ways to get moving then progress towards classes at your local gym.


josh  Written By: Josh Connolly Co-Host of The Cancer Killer Makeover on October 15, 2016.

Josh is a knowledgeable and committed Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor at Signature Health & Fitness. He received his Bachelors of Business Administration from Clarke University. He holds the Crossfit level 1 (CF-L) and CPR/First AID Certification. He specializes in strength & conditioning, high intensity, weight loss, and sport specific training programs. Josh’s goal is to apply his experience and knowledge to help others better their lives through fitness. His clients range from the average person to athletes.