Training the Brain

Hitting the gym or the streets for a workout has many physical benefits. What we are learning more and more is how much benefits it has for your brain health. In an article posted in an August issue of Time magazine, they showed the benefits of exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease. The article speaks about a few studies that showed actual Tai protein decrease (the protein “tangle” thought to be the cause of the disease) by simply doing a workout. Other studies show that while putting older people through light workouts that cocognitive memory improves. (1)


One article states “The combination of lifting weights and aerobic exercise might be particularly powerful because strength training triggers the release of a molecule called insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a growth hormone produced in the liver that is known to affect communication between brain cells, and to promote the growth of new neurons and blood vessels.

Now is the time to realize that doing exercise is not a “thing” people do just to lose weight. Exercise HAS to be something you do to KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY!!! When your brain is healthy this allows for not only memory to be strong but also allows the rest of our body to be well.  Nothing can function inside of your body without a signal from the brain.  When those signals getting tangled or weak messages get disrupted and disease starts to form.

Exercise can be simple. You do not need to have a gym membership to get exercise.  Be creative, make it fun and get the entire family involved.  Be a roll model to your children that exercise is not an optional thing but an event that happens regularly in their weekly routine.